The Spiritual Life: 1. How to Create the Conditions for the Holy Spirit to Work in our Lives.

In “The Spiritual Life” by Evelyn Underhill, we find the following excerpt:  St. Paul did not want to be an apostle to the Gentiles. He wanted to be a clever and appreciated young Jewish scholar, and kicked against the pricks. St. Ambrose and St. Agustine did not want to be overworked and worried bishops. Nothing was fartherContinue reading “The Spiritual Life: 1. How to Create the Conditions for the Holy Spirit to Work in our Lives.”

Sacre Bleu! ChatGPT on Evangelism & Christlikeness

I entered the following into ChatGPT: “Evangelism should be the natural result of seeking Christlikeness.” What follows is completely written by AI. What are your thoughts? Evangelism, in its simplest definition, refers to sharing the good news or the message of Jesus Christ with others. It involves spreading the teachings, love, and grace of JesusContinue reading “Sacre Bleu! ChatGPT on Evangelism & Christlikeness”

Breaking the Cycle: My 2 Friends

“My family has long held onto *insert destructive behavior* but I plan to be the cycle-breaker.” Breaking the Cycle seems to be a simple thing. Why do we struggle with it? Many of us grow up observing the life-giving and life-taking influences of those around us. As teenagers and young adults, we quickly enter intoContinue reading “Breaking the Cycle: My 2 Friends”

What is Spiritual Direction?

Simply put, spiritual direction (or soul care) is a partnership or companioning to seek the Spirit’s direction in your life. My aim is to demystify this much-needed relationship in order to open space for individuals. In this space I utilize spiritual discipline practices specific to your journey as we seek transformation. Spiritual direction is notContinue reading “What is Spiritual Direction?”