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It is a privilege to listen to your story and seek the Spirit’s direction in your life

A Deeper Journey

A Deeper Journey

Do you have a strong faith but feel there should be much more to your walk? I also felt this way for many years. Only when I was challenged with silence, solitude, introspection, and a commitment to my own spiritual director did I fully experience a deeper faith journey. Let’s companion together as we seek transformation.

Who pastors the Pastor?

Who pastors the Pastor?

Are you experiencing burnout? As a full-time Pastor of thirty years, I learned well to bury struggles, pains, doubts, fears, and even sins from others – especially my coworkers. “How can I be vulnerable when all I know is condemnation and quick judgment from church leaders and laity?” I seek to offer a confidential space for you to unload and finally voice those hurts.

Spiritual but not Religious

Spiritual but not Religious

Do you consider yourself spiritual but not religious? Perhaps you have a background in a religious organization but find yourself disillusioned. I understand and can empathize. Let’s walk together in a safe environment and seek healing as well as a renewal of spiritual vigor and direction.

“Roger has a charismatic personality and is easy to talk to.”


“Although I knew Roger held a doctoral degree in theology, I always felt comfortable, secure, and confident in our sessions. He made conversation accessible. I always felt a high level of trust.”


“Roger was accepting of me where I was.”

Not all who wander are lost J.R.R. Tolkien

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Offering a relational space of trust to seek the Spirit’s direction in your life.

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