What is Spiritual Direction?

Simply put, spiritual direction (or soul care) is a partnership or companioning to seek the Spirit’s direction in your life. My aim is to demystify this much-needed relationship in order to open space for individuals. In this space I utilize spiritual discipline practices specific to your journey as we seek transformation.

Spiritual direction is not professional counseling. Spiritual direction is not pastoral counseling. Spiritual direction seeks to partner with individuals who engage in professional counseling and pastoral counseling. We all work together to provide for anyone seeking help.

“Although the language of ‘spiritual direction’ may sound modern, possibly even faddish, its practice has a long and honored place in Christian soul care…The English phrase ‘care of souls’ has its origins in the Latin cura animarum. While cura is most commonly translated ‘care,’ it actually contains the idea of both care and cure. Care refers to actions designed to support the well-being of something or someone. Cure refers to actions designed to restore well-being that has been lost. The Christian church has historically embraced both meanings of cura and has understood soul care to involve nurture and support as well as healing and restoration.” – Gary W. Moon and David G. Benner


*Over half of my sessions are done via Zoom. If you need a quick tutorial on how to prepare for a Zoom session, please click HERE. Please sign up for the free account if you don’t already have Zoom.

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